2021 Emmys Highlights (and Low Lights)

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rented I stole a comedy thunder.

ted lasso It was natural to dominate the comedy category (unexpected considering I’d never won before, but Crown I did the same for the drama), but boy did I love seeing the fun new 30-minute drama from HBO Max. It is easily one of the best shows of the year and garnered three awards. Of course, the title was triple OG Jean Smart, who was naturally revered as the gigantic and atrocious comedian leading the series. But just as creators Lucia Aniello, Paul Downs, and Janstatsky have won writing awards and proved that Aiello won director, this is a category that could honor women more often.

LVP (Least Valuable Person): Wrap-up man

The musical allusions in this summary are particularly brutal, and anyone responsible for this takes their work very seriously and violates some of the actual legends and serious speeches due to the brevity of the broadcast. did. He was furious for biting ’80s icon Debbie Allen. He also started biting Jean Smart, who had just won the whole room. explosion Because she then began an acceptance speech dedicated to her dead husband. If timing matters, why not cut out some of these ridiculous sketches? Speaking of…

Scott Frank, reading room

True rights given, in white fashion, queen’s gambit Producer Scott Frank won the Outstanding Director award for a limited series, so he didn’t have to worry about the abbreviations being alluded to. “Seriously stop the music,” Frank barked when the orchestra began. And all Moody’s suspension of Best Buy’s customers demanded to speak to the “manager.” Then he continued to drone forever (3 minutes) and gave such a speech. queen’s gambit, didn’t really have to be that long.

Michaela Coyle didn’t leave completely empty handed

i can destroy you The HBO series won all the major limited series awards, but lost most of them. queen’s gambit— but at least Michaela Coyle wins with excellent writing. At the time, one of these melodic examples required to broadcast all the awards was made. In this case, the candidate is, of course, weak, and I am really surprised to win. (Cuckoo’s classmate Cynthia Erivo felt like Cuckoo had to be publicized to get on stage.) And, unlike Scott, Cuckoo was heartwarming and touching within a minute. I made a speech appealing.

support sketch

One of the highlights of the night was the people who didn’t win the prize. The sketch from the Emmy Awards support group led by Dr. Phil was a true winner. Scott Bakula, Cedric the Entertainer, Keri Russell and others had a lap session to discuss the low level of being nominated but winning. It was refreshing and hilarious to watch the awards show at this angle. You see the winner shine and shine every time they accept their prize. What about those who are not so lucky?

Conan the Disruptor

Intentionally trolling Frank Shelma, the CEO and president of the Television Academy, Conan receives a particularly noisy reception when he takes the stage, usually with a small but notable euphoria during the most boring speeches. It was a shot. Invite the person who wrote the episode of Marge vs. Monorail simpson Attending your live shows has always been a dangerous bet, and Conan has proved that he’s still his usual manic self, even though he’s no longer midnight. He shouted and paid tribute to the man. (Then, when Stephen Colbert’s team accepted the win, they joined the podium for no other reason than to do so.)


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