United Robotics-Source of Exclusive-SoftBank Germany. is in talks to sell the French robotics business to

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October 22, 2021

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TOKYO (Reuters) – SoftBank Group Corp is in talks to sell its Paris-based robotics business behind PaperAndroid to United Robotics Group in Germany. It has scaled down its business, which was once known as a key growth driver, according to sources and documents reviewed by Reuters. ..

Talks are on and plans could be changed, two sources familiar with the matter said could not be named as he was not allowed to speak to the media. It is unclear whether SoftBank will hold a stake in the business.

Backed by German industrial robot maker Hahn, United Robotics Group became the European master distributor of SoftBank’s struggling Paper and Now robots in October.

United Robotics declined to comment. SoftBank said it is still working on the pepper business.

Reuters ceased production of Pepper in June at https://www.reuters.com/technology/exclusive-softbank-shrinks-robotics-business-stops-pepper-production-sources-2021-06-28 Its Robotics The business is expanding globally . In France, about half of the 330 employees have been laid off. In France, in 2012 we acquired Aldebaran, a startup that custom designed paper for SoftBank.

According to sources and job listing reviews, low morale has forced additional employees to resign, forcing SoftBank to promote their positions to meet their original capabilities.

According to the United Robotics website, we have offices in Germany and Austria. According to sources, the company has recently hired employees who have left SoftBank in areas like sales.

Supported by cultural differences between the European workforce and Japanese managers, SoftBank is a dilapidated pepper entity https://www.reuters.com/article/us-softbank-group-pepper-focus -idCAKBN2ER0 JK and the ingredient list is short . Reuters previously reported that it was approaching obsolescence.

In addition to selling small humanoid robots Paper and Now, United Robotics also sells robots like Sauer, an industrial robot that can work with humans.

After Paper’s commercial failure, SoftBank focuses on selling third-party hardware, restructuring takes place.

The group has launched a parallel sales business in the UK, reducing its reliance on Paris-based businesses.

French SoftBank engineers are working on a secret project to design a serving robot called Plato, according to sources and documents reviewed by Reuters.

However, Japanese managers have postponed orders for the robot. Also, SoftBank has signed contracts to sell similar robots to outside companies, undermining the commercial viability of its products.

(Reporting by Sam Nusi, edited by David Dolan and Gerry Doyle)

United Robotics-Source of Exclusive-SoftBank Germany. is in talks to sell the French robotics business to

SourceLink Exclusive-SoftBank in talks to sell French robotics business to United Robotics of Germany- Source


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