The real meaning of freedom at work

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As the COVID-19 pandemic moves into a new phase, many companies are insisting that we return to the office full time. Because of this many people are leaving their jobs. According to a survey of more than 5,000 LinkedIn members, resilience is currently the fastest growing work priority in the United States. More than half of Americans want their next job to be self-employed. There are entrepreneurs, gig economy freelancers, creator economy content curators and more.

When COVID freed us from office, many experienced a new form of resilience, and the taste of freedom inspired us to want more. We have begun to rethink what we are looking for in our work. But the big resignation isn’t a mad dash away from office. It is the culmination of a long journey to freedom. More than a decade ago, psychologists recorded a generational shift in work-centeredness in our lives. Millennials were more interested in providing leisure and leisure jobs than Generation X and Baby Boomers. They were less interested in net worth than in net worth.

The real meaning of freedom at work

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