Sustainable Future Forum 2021: Responsibility and Regulation APAC

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Click to stream above to watch CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum. The session from Asia on Monday focused on responsibility and regulation.

It is everyone’s responsibility how we realize a sustainable future. From big business regulations and government goals to small business initiatives and consumer choice. We are environmental activists now, but the way we tackle this problem is always unique.

CNBC analyzes the demographics of the change and the laws and regulations that guide it.

The sequence of Monday’s sessions is as follows. Click here for this week’s full schedule.

Fireside: The Role of Capital Markets in the Green Transition
2:00 PM SGT/HK | 7:00 am bst

lauracha, Chairman of HKEX.

Capital markets can play an important role in providing an efficient and regulated trading platform for sustainable investment. From HKEX President Laura Cha, who is an active advocate of HKEX’s commitment to sustainability, what they are doing to promote green finance and a more sustainable financial ecosystem in the region. I want to ask you about the role of regulation in the transition.

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Fireside: Climate change’s existential threat to island nations
2:15 p.m. Sgt/HK | 7:15 a.m. BST

Aminas Shouna, Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives.

Floods due to rising sea levels and climate change threaten the existence of island nations like Maldives. 80% of the islands are less than 1 meter above sea level and 90% of them are reported to be flooded. Maldivian environment, climate change and technology minister Aminas Shouna says the Maldives could disappear by the end of this century. She talks to us about persuading the world to act swiftly to tackle climate change and how some smaller countries like the Maldives are faring.

Fireside: How You Can Benefit From Solving the World’s Problems
6:30 pm SGT/HK | 11:30am BST

Paul Polman, co-founder and president of Imagine.

Climate change and inequality, as well as other serious changes such as pandemics, resource pressures and loss of biodiversity, threaten our very existence. Governments cannot deal with this on their own, and businesses must be strengthened. A leader in sustainable business, says former Unilever boss Paul Polman in his original book, Annette Positive, co-authored with Andrew Winston. For the first time, they have revealed important lessons from Unilever and leading companies around the world on how to fix global problems rather than solve them. He argues that businesses must be “net positive” to prosper today and tomorrow – giving the world more than they take in.

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Sustainable Future Forum 2021: Responsibility and Regulation APAC

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