Michigan dad sues school district for $1 million after daughter cuts hair without consent

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The father of a seven-year-old Michigan girl who got her hair cut at school without her parents’ consent filed a $1 million lawsuit against an assistant, librarian, and teacher from a school district.

In a proceeding filed in a federal court in Grand Rapids against Mount Pleasant Public School on Tuesday, Jimmy Hoffmeier alleged that his interracial daughter’s constitutional rights were violated. He also complains of racism, racial intimidation, intentional mental distress, assault and assault.

Hoffmeier, a black man, said in March that his daughter Journey returned home from Ganniard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with a hair cut on one side of her head. Journey told the Associated Press earlier this year that her classmates used scissors to cut their hair on the school bus.

“Have long curly hair before the trip was cut,” the complaint said.

Two days after the bus incident, and after the father complained to the principal, traveled to the salon and trimmed the hair with an asymmetrical cut to make the difference in length less noticeable, the trip had hair on the other side. . I cut it off and went home.

“I asked what happened and said, ‘I thought the kid never cut your hair,'” Hoffmeier said at the time. “She said, ‘But Dad, it was a teacher.’ The teacher cut her hair evenly.”

The district states that “employees complain because they are unable to properly train, monitor, direct, discipline and supervise employees and take into account the lack of improper training, practices, procedures, policies and disciplinary action.” He knew or should have engaged in the action. It existed for the employees,” according to the proceedings.

Jimmy Hoffmeier, a Michigan father, is suing a school worker in the school district in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, for chopping off his daughter’s hair. The trip seen here at the age of 7 is interracial.


In July, Mount Pleasant’s school board said employees who cut Journey’s haircut had been reprimanded. The school board also found that, in an independent investigation, employees cut students’ hair without the permission of their parents and without the knowledge of district managers, despite the “goodwill” of the workers who cut the girl’s hair. They said they determined they violated school policy.

According to the school board, the survey showed no racial bias. The survey includes video and photo reviews, including interviews with district staff, students and families, and postings on social media, the district said.

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Mount Pleasant Board of Education President Amy Bond said Thursday that the district had not been filed.

“We believe the district’s appropriate and proactive response to the incident and the results of the third-party investigation will give priority to the facts,” Bond said in a statement. “We actively defend these baseless claims in court, which distract us from our mission of providing world-class education leading to college and careers for all children. I will not forgive you.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Michigan dad sues school district for $1 million after daughter cuts hair without consent

source link Michigan dad sues school district for $1 million after daughter cuts hair without consent


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