Facebook completes deal with Australian media companies and does not include TV station SBS

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File photo: This figure taken on February 18, 2021 shows the Facebook logo and the Australian flag. Reuters/Dado Ruvik/Illustration/File Photo

September 22, 2021

Byron Kayu

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Facebook Inc has informed Australian publishers that it has stopped negotiating license agreements. Industry emails from Reuters show a move six months after legislation aimed at getting tech giants to pay for news content was passed. ..

Facebook has announced deals with the country’s biggest news outlets, but some media companies, including television station SBS, have quietly backed down, questioning the law’s scope and effectiveness.

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is one of Australia’s five national free-to-air stations and a major source of foreign language news for the country, Facebook talks about despite months of efforts. refused to participate and showed surprise and dismay. It said it has successfully signed a deal with Google.

“This result is inconsistent with the government’s intention to support public interest journalism, and would specifically include public broadcasters in the code framework regarding compensation,” an SBS spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

Facebook’s regional director of news partnerships, Andrew Hunter, said in an email to the publisher in August that they had “now signed” a deal to pay Australians for content on the recently launched “Facebook News” channel. where did it go.

Hunter said that declined publishers will continue to benefit from Facebook Clicks and recommended taking advantage of a new set of industry grants.

The email has not been published.

Hunter did not comment by email or SBS comments, but in a statement to Reuters, content trading was “the only way Facebook could provide support to publishers, publishers and continue to deliver the following types of news content.” Publisher and Facebook that can provide the best value.”

The US social media giants have contracts with various major Australian media companies, from News Corp to Australian Broadcasting Corp, and collective bargaining agreements with local publishers. However, only a small number of independent small publishers have struck a deal.

As Reuters previously reported, Facebook solicited criticism from regulators who drafted the bill and declined to publish public relations commentary by scholars negotiated with. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission declined to comment on Wednesday.

This year, under the law, which prompted Facebook to temporarily block third-party content in News Feed, Facebook and Google faced potential government interference to drive traffic to websites. You have to negotiate with the press about the content you want to do.

However, before government intervention can take place, federal treasurers must determine whether Facebook or Google cannot negotiate in good faith. This is a step called “designation”. The accounting representative was unable to immediately comment.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority, which helps enforce the law, declined to comment because no technology company was named and the law was not technically enforced.

(Reporting by Byron Kaye; Editing by Edwina Gibbs)

Facebook completes deal with Australian media companies and does not include TV station SBS

source link Facebook completes deal with Australian media companies and does not include TV station SBS


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