Experts analyze what is needed to achieve climate goals

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In the weeks before COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, discussions on sustainability, the environment and the goals of Net Zero have been at the forefront of many.

Britain-sponsored climate change summit is at high risk In a speech at the UN General Assembly last month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson described COP26 as “a turning point for mankind”.

“We must limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which has had a terrible effect this summer,” Johnson said. “We need to grow collectively,” he said. “We must show that we have the maturity and knowledge to act.”

Breaking things down, COP26 covers a wide range of topics.

This image shows a Dutch onshore wind turbine.

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Raising funds to adapt to climate change and achieve climate-related goals were discussed, and a document outlining the objectives of the summit was written by countries as “an ambitious 2030 in line with reaching net zero”. . We are asked to boost our annual emissions reduction targets. “by the middle of the century”

The ambitions of COP26 are enormous, and it is a great challenge for all parties to agree on a common set of goals that will have positive consequences for the planet.

Collaboration was important in Glasgow, and a recent discussion moderated by CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick elaborated on the importance of collaboration.

“For now, the climate crisis really connects us to the common problems and common problems that we have to put together,” said Ojumbo Mita, CEO and managing director of the United Nations Global Compact. I think this is one of the things. “

The United Nations Global Compact, which includes over 14,000 companies, describes itself as “the largest corporate sustainability initiative” on the planet. It is a voluntary scheme centered on 10 principles focused on human rights, labour, anti-corruption and environment.

In addition, the Global Compact states that it will support companies that “take strategic action to promote broader societal goals, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on collaboration and innovation.” ..

Ojimbo made clear how important it is to foster a sense of unity when tackling difficult climate-related challenges.

She adds: “What excites me most, beyond membership of the Global Compact, is the clarity of the fact that tackling the climate crisis requires partnerships between governments, the private sector, and civil society. This one There has to be a multilateral, multilateral response.”

Ojimbo told me it must be a difficult task for companies to reach a consensus on such broad issues.

“We’re not really looking for adjustments on many issues,” she said. “What we say at Global Compact is to adopt the Ten Principles as the cornerstone of responsible business.”

“But from the point of view of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is really a matter of importance,” she continued, emphasizing the importance of focusing the laser on specific challenges.

“If you are in the mining industry, what is more important to you is certainly very different than if you were in the banking or hospitality industry,” she said.

“So it’s a matter of importance, and where you need to prioritize and influence the most.”

“But when I look at the fundamentals… we believe that adopting our principles of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption makes business better.”

There is only one company to take action, but as mentioned earlier, various stakeholders need to work together to ensure an effective and long-term commitment to climate change.

For Edia Turner, chair of the Energy Transition Commission, change seems to be happening.

“Fortunately, there has been a loop of really positive ambitions over the past two years…

“Private companies are becoming increasingly aware that with the technology available, they can promise zero emissions by the middle of the century,” he said.

“Or [is] Convince the government to set that goal, [is] After that, it is undeniable for the company to act in line with its goals. “


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