Australia seizes Google’s online advertising profits and calls for data shakeout

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September 28, 2021

Byron Kayu

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s antitrust watchdog says it wants the power to curb Google’s use of Internet data to sell targeted ads, as big tech companies say publishers, advertisers and consumers have said. Dominate the market to inflict losses.

The comments in a report released on Tuesday set up another potential conflict between Australia and Google, months after the Alphabet Inc entity vowed to withdraw core services from the country over a new content licensing law.

It could also prompt antitrust proceedings reportedly being prepared by the US Justice Department, which accuses Google of using its market power to thwart its advertising rivals. European regulators are also investigating Google’s advertising business.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has an “advertising technology” report that the government still has to consider, and existing legislation prohibits anti-competitive behavior as Google’s online advertising dominance is firmly established. Said it was not enough.

According to regulators, more than 90% of ad clicks through Australia’s “ad tech” supply chain passed through at least one Google-owned service in 2020.

“Google leverages its vertically integrated position to operate its ad technology services in a way that over time leads to a less competitive ad technology industry,” ACCC President Rod Sims said in a statement. ..

“This action helped Google establish and establish a dominant position in the ad technology supply chain. It manages conflicts of interest, prevents anti-competitive self-priority, and is supported by rival ad technology providers.” We encourage you to consider the rules so that you can compete for benefits.”

A Google spokesperson could not immediately be reached for comments. In a blog post published shortly before the ACCC report, Google said its advertising technology supported more than 15,000 Australian jobs and contributed $2.45 billion annually to the Australian economy.

According to the ACCC, US companies are benefiting from vast amounts of Internet user data from search engines, mapping and YouTube video streaming services, and need to be more transparent about how this information is used to sell ads. Is. There is.

Regulators said they need special authorization to deal with imbalances in advertiser access to consumer data. For example, a rule that prevents competitors from selling targeted ads without the same profit uses data collected by a single service like Mapping.

He also said that Google was asked to publicly explain how people’s data could be used to sell and display ads.

The ad technology report is part of a broader survey of online platforms by the ACCC, and earlier this year Google will withdraw its core services from the country by a law binding payment for media content posted on its website. Where is the probability.

Since then, Google has announced content payment transactions with most of Australia’s largest media outlets. The same goes for social media giant Facebook Inc., which cut news feeds in Australia for a week before the law was passed.

Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg, who commissioned the report, said in a statement that the government would consider the findings and recommendations of the report.

(Reporting by Byron Kaye; Edited by Muralikumar Anantharaman and Christopher Cushing)

Australia seizes Google’s online advertising profits and calls for data shakeout

Source link Australia seizes Google’s online advertising profits and calls for data shakeout


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