Appeals Apple’s appeal in epic antitrust proceedings that appear to uphold in-app injunction

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A federal judge said Friday at Epic Games Inc., a competition where major tech companies manage to manage software and applications on their platforms, drawing new attention to the way they are running. He said he would appeal the decision of the antitrust trial, which has received a lot of attention.

iPhone makers are also pending an order from US District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers easing some restrictions on how App Store developers can ask for payment for online services.

Epic, the maker of the popular game Fortnite, has already filed a notice of appeal against the September 10 ruling issued by a federal court in Oakland, California, following a 16-day bench trial in May. was there. An Epic spokesperson declined to comment on Apple’s plans for the appeal.

The proceedings were brought to court over how companies like Apple controlled access to users. Lawmakers and regulators in the United States, the European Union and beyond are closely monitoring the issue.

Apple has faced a deadline to file a notice of appeal. This is a routine procedure that does not include a statement of charges for one in ten charges ruled by the judge.

Most of Epic’s allegations were dismissed by the judge, including a requirement that Apple have an undue monopoly in controlling the distribution of software on the iPhone and that developers be forced to use an in-app payment system. . Apple charges an unfair 30% charge to what it calls Epic.

Apple claimed that the rules protected users, their fees were in line with industry standards, and they were fair to the services they offered. After the initial ruling, Apple backed the findings as an “overwhelming victory”.

Still, it was not a complete victory. The judge ruled that it was wrong for Apple to prohibit developers from sending users to different payment methods using in-app and out-of-app communication with users. It issued an injunction to force Apple to lift the ban.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. Video game makers say Apple charges unreasonable fees of up to 30% on in-app payments.

David Paul Morris / Bloomberg News

Apple wants to stay in the injunction while working on a solution. The company had already agreed to allow out-of-app communication in another case, but it’s still unclear how Apple wants to deal with in-app communication.

“The company understands and respects the court’s concerns regarding communication between developers and consumers,” the company said in a court filing. “Apple is mindful of the many complex issues in the global context, aimed at increasing the flow of information while protecting both the efficient features of the App Store and the safety and privacy of Apple’s customers. It’s working.”

Some statutory observers have said that an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals could take more than a year and is likely to be eventually filed in the US Supreme Court, the US Supreme Court. Growth.

Epic co-founder Tim Sweeney suggests the process could take up to five years. Apple, on the other hand, does not allow Epic to return to the developer platform until the appeals process is complete.

A court battle erupted in August 2020 when Epic took away in-app payments to a popular “Fortnite” video game that violated Apple’s rules. In response, Apple launched the game from the App Store, following which Epic’s proceedings began.

The incident gave its window to Apple’s secretive App Store business, which revealed that about a fifth of its operating revenue in 2019 came from lower app revenue. testing.

Apple said the numbers issued were flawed and too high. Still, we believe that most of the App Store’s revenue comes from video games.

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Appeals Apple’s appeal in epic antitrust proceedings that appear to uphold in-app injunction

Source Link Appeals Appeals Reported in Epic Antitrust Proceedings to Uphold Apple’s In-App Injunction


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